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Your Brain on Tiktok: How Social Media Algorithms Change Your Brain Activity – Miche, Ph.D.| The Goddess on the Go| Weekend Flow

I go over studies on how social media personalization algorithms (like newsfeeds and video recommendations) impact your brain activity, over and above the content itself. Here’s the book I recommended: https://amzn.to/3QEI1xX The bonus content, video sneak peeks, etc. I talk about is all over on my Patreon page. Here’s a link to the video page,…
— Read on veganmiche.blog/2023/01/14/your-brain-on-tiktok-how-social-media-algorithms-change-your-brain-activity/

The Goddess on the Go|”We Are Brothers and Sisters”: Couple Married for 10 Years with 2 Kids Discover They’re Siblings, Video Trends – Legit.ng| Generational Trauma revealed

A couple has broken the internet with their discovery about themselves. The married couple who has been together for about 13 years found out they are siblings.
— Read on www.legit.ng/people/family-relationship/1512804-brothers-sisters-couple-married-10-years-2-kids-discover-siblings-video-trends/

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