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Spiritual work is not for the faint of heart |The Goddess on the Go | Luna Rhaye Tarot

The transformation is real. And many of us are at different phases and stages on our individual journeys. Take the blessings and the lessons in it all. Don’t be afraid to change, you’ll be surprised of what you can manifest in you’re own reality! Check out this video for a few tips to support you on your spiritual and life journey.


Transformation Thursdays|The Goddess on the Go|Women who run with wolves |

The deeper I go, the more peace I find. I have been looking for the peace that has always been seeking me. Clarissa pinkola estes, has put my transformation in words and reflections that I already know, feel and live daily. I awaken to the wild, unimaginable feminine power and presence of this divine energy.

The spirit child is La Niña Milagros’s, a miracle child, who has the ability to hear the call, hear the far-off voice that says it is time to come back, to oneself.

Women who run with wolves, clarissa pinkola estes,

I wasn’t meant to labor arduously. My oldest sun taught me that.

The veil is lifting, the feminine flow is emerging once more, to see us through the awakening and discomfort of constant change. Check it out. It is a work written before the need for it appeared.

Transformation Thursdays-The Goddess on the Go- Practical Parenting for Homeschooling Moms

There are several realizations that have come with my own growth as a person in regards to how I choose to parent my children. Generations of women of my specific background and culture have adapted to the cultural norms of child rearing, principles of nurturing and Life path they expect there children to live. I have fought an internal battle to release myself of these patterns just to see what the potential for my children’s lives would be. Just maybe, if I break the patterns that brought out physical dis-ease towards the life planned for me they can evolve beyond these expectations.I’ll share a few of the realizations that I have accepted and release to move forward with my children.

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