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Take Back Control

Take back control to the life you say your living. Make each moment memorable, whether it receiving or giving #tuesdaystip #manifestthebest

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Productivity – evernote.com | Blog | Evernote Blog

Evernote is one tool that keeps me organized in so many areas. I found out about it in 2015 when I was looking for tools to keep my life, my plans and all the projects that I work on in one dedicated space. They offer a basic account but I highly recommend the Premium account. It not only supports business owners but can be used as a Planning and Productivity space for Busy Moms, Students, Hobby enthusiasts and those who love to make lists and keep things organized. In this recent post, they share tips and tools for keeping you on track to meeting the goals you set for yourself. Click the link to learn more…

Productivity is vital to personal and professional growth, but maintaining it can be hard. The resources in this guide will help you make lasting change.
— Read on evernote.com/blog/ultimate-guide-improving-productivity/


The truth of who we are remains after times of trial or challenges. That is who you are meant to be, To Manifest your Destiny, Be you as I am Me.  

The Overlooked Face of Depression | NewHarbinger.com

By Margaret Robinson Rutherford, PhD, author of Perfectly Hidden Depression In 2014, as I approached writing my weekly blog post, I decided to describe some of my patients who, when first seen, didn’t seem melancholy, agitated, or even sad. They were highly engaged with life and appeared very successful, expressing uncertainty and even guilt about …


From the moment I had my first child, a deep longing inside me quietly whispered, “ you’re gonna be a stay at home mom”. And life kept laughing at me for wanting to birth this vision.

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