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My Solar Return Reflections… Birthday Vibes in full effect!!!

Life has been fulfilling in so many ways. I am seeing with new eyes the Beauty of this life, through the joys and even the sadness, It is truly up to me what it can be! Check out my latest podcast as I share reflections of the year that is now a memory. #thegoddessonthego #givingthanks …

Emotional Sabotage: Take Back Your Power – SistaSense

Emotional Sabotage: Take Back Your Power – SistaSense — Read on http://www.sistasense.com/emotional-sabotage-take-back-your-power/

Self-Acceptance: 5 Practices for Releasing Self-Judgement

Developing unconditional self-acceptance is not about doing anything—it’s about letting go of self-judgments that are getting in the way of your self love. — Read on http://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/self-acceptance-self-judgment/ #consciouslifestylemagazine #selfacceptance #selfjudgement #thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre

Benefits of the Location Independent Movement by John Spencer Ellis

In this Post, John Spencer Ellis, Founder of the Spencer Institute and N.E.S.T.A. (The National Endurance Sports Training Association) shares his thoughts on why a location free lifestyle is an upward trend many should consider. https://johnspencerellis.com/benefits-of-the-location-independent-movement/ #johnspencerellis #nesta #spencerinstitute #lifestylexpressions #thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre

We’re Taking this Show on the Road… Literally

It’s been my goal for years to downsize into more minimal living spaces. Over the past 10 years, Life has truly challenged me to meet that intention. Through homelessness, Having abundant Living spaces and even house sharing, It’s clear to me that my Home or Dwelling is what I make it to be. So, we …

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