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The Goddess on the Go |Affiliate Partner Spotlight |That Protein

That Protein is a UK Based plant based Brand. They offer a line of vegan proteins that include Cacao, Pumpkin and Chia Seed, Baobab and even peanut butter. Join there HIP-Healthy Important People program and get 10% off your first order. They continue to grow in the marketplace as a reputable source for vegan, plant based protein powders.


12 plant-based main courses we love! | PRANA

Whether you’re reducing or cutting out meat entirely, doing Meatless Mondays, celebrating World Meat Free Week… or just love eating plant-based foods, we know a good recipe is all you need to get started. Whether you’re working with with tofu, legumes, nuts and seeds or tempeh, here are some of ou
— Read on www.pranasnacks.com/en_ca/blog/12-plant-based-main-courses-we-love

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Snack Time 11/30/15

The easiest meals for me to create for myself are  built on a Foundation of Nature #lifestylexpressions #healthiswealth #coconutwata #mangomadness

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