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The Goddess on the Go|Why You Should Quit the News| Wellness Wednesdays-Mark Manson

The news is often heralded as a vital component of a thriving democracy. But here I argue that, in its current form, the news is doing more harm than good.
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Fat girl vibes| vegan sausage scramble| feeding the fat girl inside the skinny me

Struggle Love is Destroying the Black community| The Goddess on the Go | Manifest the best

This is a great video. It won’t be for everyone. But those in my community, Black men and women, tube in, take a listen. This conversation is truth, we are holding our selves accountable for what we will no longer tolerate! Black men, take notes. Black women, re-evaluate your choices and make sure you’re choosing yourself!!


Is Your Weight in Your Control? Genetics of Body Weight + Set Point

I share studies on how heritable your body weight is, and share a pretty wild list of traits you’d never expect to be just as or more heritable than …

Is Your Weight in Your Control? Genetics of Body Weight + Set Point

You Can Slow Down the Aging Process | Appearance, Health, Lifespan, & Alzheimer’s – Miche, Ph.D.

You have more control over aging than you think. In this video I go over scientific studies on how to slow down biological aging, in terms of its effects on chronic disease, health, and lifespan; appearance; and cognitive abilities and dementia. The bonus content and discussion forums I talk about are over on my Patreon…
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