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Tools you can use Tuesday| The Goddess on the Go| Inhale the Good Bliss , Exhale the Bull$?:!

Six Yoga Poses For Athletes To Stretch and Soothe the Body – Clever Yoga

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of yoga, and this includes athletes. This may have been more surprising 20 years ago, but these days, athletes from basketball stars to football players are vocal about the benefits. LeBron James has credited yoga with helping his endurance on the court. So what kinds of
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Wellness Wednesday-Plant based protein and exercise – thatprotein

GUEST BLOG BY AUTHOR OF “THE DETOX KITCHEN BIBLE” Nutritionist ROB HOBSON   Plant based protein and exercise Critics of veganism often target protein as a way of questioning its nutritional adequacy and this issue is often raised when it comes to exercise and sports performance. However, you only have to look at the ma
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Weekend Flow-The Goddess on the Go: Self Care Sundays

A Glimpse of what self care while healing looks like: Self Care is at the top of many conversations in various circles and environments these days. Many have had the realization that this monetized trend is a deeper cry for taking care of more than the physical body. The inner workings can destabilize our lives …

Wellness Wednesday-CBD & Soreness: Exercise Recovery – PlusCBD™ Oil

CBD & Soreness: Exercise Recovery – PlusCBD™ Oil
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