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Kapha Balancing Mask Powder – Deexuan Euphoria

A Natural Clay based Formulation blended with powdered Ayurvedic/Botanical herbs and stimulating plants that produce a mobilizing effect on the skins layers. Suitable for most skin types. Works best on Combination/Oily skins. http://deexuan.com/products/kapha-balancing-mask-powder Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Golden Elixir – Deexuan Euphoria

A Nourishing Golden Elixir that assists skin renewal & repair with the benefits of Custom Blended Herbal Essence http://deexuan.com/products/golden-elixir Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Face Refresher/Mist – Deexuan Euphoria

A Refreshing Blend of Natural Botanicals created to cleanse pores, renew and reveal nourished skin. Suitable for Most Skin types. Great for Mature Skin! http://deexuan.com/products/face-refresher-mist Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Skin Mask – Deexuan Euphoria

Formulated for Gentle cleansing of the skin with Botanical Clay/Plant powders. Can be used Once weekly to to resolve skin issues or for skin maintenance.  http://deexuan.com/products/skin-mask Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

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