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Intentions Manifest into Reality

The first steps are often the hardest when we set a goal for ourselves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set a goal and often times it’s the beginning part that has overwhelmed me to my core. As I take ownership of my life’s journey, sharing what is working and what is not …

The Framework of Family

In this, My First Podcast, I share just a quick clip that I will expand on further…sooner more than later. The foundation of who we are is created by our families, that can determine many pathways of success or failure in our lives…check it out #thegoddessonthego #iamsacred #bushwombman #goddessonthego4u #podbean #mylifestylexpressions #lisamariejeanpierre http://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-mx45d-c4e953

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