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The Goddess on the Go |Revisit to Redirect and engage with laser focus| Wellness Wednesdays

I know that my life will be my testimony even when I can’t see clearly. I started out my goal and vision as a young girl for making the world a better place even before I known what the world was really about. I had suppressed my own personal pain and trauma to idolize goodness and righteousness as I was taught.

The innocence of a child.

I sought acceptance through religious and spiritual and even radicalized cultural doctrine that somehow still found ways to ridicule and isolate me through my own pain and unspoken shame. And through it all I am still fighting to let the message of my life be my testimony. My rise, my fall and my acceptance of it all. I want other women to be powerful in there purpose in spite of doubt, fear, uncertainty and even circumstance. No labeling imposter syndrome because it’s still you, even if you’re not clear.

Cultivate an illuminated reputation.

Giving up always seems to me to be reluctantly giving in to the injustice perpetuated on women that look like me. The ones that don’t always fit the trends, flow in the most popular or accelerated circles. Those who see the blessing in there adversity. Keep growing with the flow and defeat your fears and failures with each balanced step in a direction that shines a brighter light on the works you do. 💖

Keep growing with the flow.

The Goddess on the Go |Useful Presuppositions For Life and Personal Growth | Spencer Institute| Transformation Thursday

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these presuppositions and experiment with thinking and communicating through these basic guidelines.
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What Self Care can look like everyday

Balance is the key word

Balance is the key word. Many people working in Healthcare during this time are pouring from cups they have limited time to fill. So please remember that giving to yourself is paramount to effectively give to all those that you will give to in the work you do. You are worthy of that Balance that you so freely give to others. Refill and replenish your cup unapologetically! That is the artfulness of life that carries you through. 🙏🏾💖⚖️

The Goddess on the Go | Wellness Wednesdays| Dream Journaling|RC Herbals Blog

Dream journaling allows you to have more vivid dreams, meaning you’ll remember the details better each time you write them down.

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