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Tools you can use- Setting yourself up for Success in 2020

In this weeks podcast episode I share with you what tools are working currently for me. I also share several that I will be adding to my work life flow to improve my productivity and success on my own terms. I also share my lifestyle service offerings that are available to you to help support you in manifesting your greatest vision in 2020 and beyond.


5 Things You Need to Get Ready for Virtual School | The Virtual Voice

5 Things You Need to Get Ready for Virtual School | The Virtual Voice
— Read on blog.flvs.net/5-things-you-need-to-get-ready-for-online-school/

Homeschooling is a Beautiful struggle between preparing your children for the world and honoring the independence you want them to birth through their own life journey. I am thankful for FLVS supporting our transformation in this area. Getting started with homeschooling can bring up many hesitations and challenges but help is available. Whether you choose to only school offline, a virtual option is still available to you. Check out this Blog Post from FLVS for Tools you can use in the transition.

Manifest it Mondays- Plan with me

It’s the start of a new week. It was just Monday last week. lol. All jokes aside. I am continuing on my Journey on Purposeful living, through Mindfulness in all areas of my life. As I move forward, I am reflecting on the years of stagnation and procrastination that I allowed to hold me captive …

Donate to NC Outward Bound | North Carolina Outward Bound

NC Outward Bound is well known for its programs that support adults in the areas of leadership and service development but many may not know that they offer opportunities for young people who need support in finding their way. These programs often times are free, thanks to the support of people worldwide. On this #givingtuesday I am asking you to Donate to NC Outward Bound | North Carolina Outward Bound
— Read on www.ncobs.org/donate


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We Don’t give up in this Family- A journey of Mental Wellness

Grounding myself on earth

Peace and Thank you for joining me for this week’s podcast. Listen in as I share with you how I support myself and my children in healing through my challenges of depression, Bipolar Disorder and Childhood Trauma. We continue to grow into being and living our lives intentionally, in spite of. The truth of what we hide can be the chains that bind us in captivity. We are Healing. Click the Link below to listen in…

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