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Mom Essentials- My 7 Success Tips for Busy Moms

Here is a brief video related to this past weeks podcast Episode.

In this weeks Podcast Titled, Mom Essentials- My 7 Success Habits for Busy Moms on the Go, I share with you the tips I am using to intentionally create the changes I require to make 2020 the most fulfilling for me, my family and everyone that I am connected to. I was watching a Video from a phenomenal Youtuber @ErinonDemand. She shared her 7 success habits for Business success. I thought about it and realized that I have already been unconsciously applying most of them in my own way. But I thought about how Busy Moms can use them to really cultivate habits of success in their lives for the new year, the next 10 years and beyond. Check it out and share with me some habits that you are using to prepare your 2020 vision? What habits have you been using to set yourself up for success in your On the Go Mom Life? Let me know below. Continued Success to you in all things!💕

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Transformation Thursday- Academics in a Box- Engineering Design Challenge- A Lesson in Electricity

My Kids are looking forward to getting this Box. Any opportunity that have to ignite something is a plus to them. This Box Investigates static electricity, some aspects of science, circuits, switches, security components and much more! Some of the Perks for this Box include: FREE SHIPPING in US International Shipping Available  Emphasis on STEM …

Wellness Wednesday- The Romain Lettuce Industry needs to put the consumer first- eat Cleaner

According to Marler, “It is past time for all stakeholders: growers, processors and retailers of leafy greens to work with the cattle and dairy industries.
— Read on eatcleaner.com/romaine-industry-needs-to-put-consumers-first

Purchase your own biodegradable food wash + wipes that are lab proven to remove over 99% more pesticides, wax and residue than water. Additionally, Eat Cleaner helps extend the shelf life of fresh produce and decreases the consumption of harmful toxins and contaminants.

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Tasty Tuesday- My Favorite Plant Based Meals

Eating Healthy has not been a problem for many people. Emotional Eating, in my humble opinion has been the real culprit. When life challenges me, I go to my Comfort Space- The Kitchen. I have the experience of my journey now to know better. This doesn’t have to be a negligent choice. Although I’m in my feelings or my emotions are running the show, I still have some control. They’re many dishes that are my go to options when this occurs. Outside of my regular eating habits, I lean in on these choices to still be gentle with myself through this so called crisis and nourish myself at the same time.


Wellness Wednesday- Are scented candles & incense bad for air quality?- Home Air Check

Living in nature would be a dream come true for me. Being open to the elements and Breathing in fresh air each and every second would be a delight. But facing the reality of life’s current circumstance ( I don’t live on the tropical island of my dreams yet!ugh, lol). But I use a lot …

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