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Barriers to mental health care are breaking down — with help from professional resources | Norton Healthcare Louisville, Ky.

Access to behavioral health and stigma around mental health disorders are serious barriers to care for many minority groups. Read on for more information.
— Read on nortonhealthcare.com/news/barriers-to-mental-health-care-are-breaking-down-with-help-from-professional-resources/

Transformation in the midst of chaos| The Goddess on the Go| Weekend Flow

The last 8 months have been a blur. For real. It’s feels like I have been looping in experiences that aren’t my own. But I am grateful because it brought me here. It seems I fall apart and put myself together with ease as an innate part of my transformation. That is a gift I was given. Life remains uncertain for most of us, even if we are diligent planners. So allow yourself grace in the midst of it all , but NEVER GIVE UP! (more…)

4 Female Entrepreneurs Share How the Power of Storytelling Can Lead to Funding | NextAdvisor with TIME

How these Latinx and Black founders leveraged their stories to put real money into their businesses.
— Read on time.com/nextadvisor/in-the-news/4-female-entrepreneurs-share-how-storytelling-can-lead-to-funding/

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