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The Overlooked Face of Depression | NewHarbinger.com

By Margaret Robinson Rutherford, PhD, author of Perfectly Hidden Depression In 2014, as I approached writing my weekly blog post, I decided to describe some of my patients who, when first seen, didn’t seem melancholy, agitated, or even sad. They were highly engaged with life and appeared very successful, expressing uncertainty and even guilt about …

Why Am I Always Hungry? – thatprotein

If medical reasons have been ruled out, what you eat can affect how full you feel and for how long. To get off to a good start and balance blood sugar levels, a breakfast that’s high in protein, fibre and healthy fats is a great way to feel fuller, longer. In the U.K. many people fail …

Can I go without a refrigerator? | HowStuffWorks

This is a question I have pondered since downsizing various aspects of my family life over the years. Raising three (1 Teen and 2 Tweens) children makes it a challenge, but one I lower can collaborate on to still live comfortably and somewhat appliance free. This article from How stuff works shares a brief history …

Four Ways Gratitude Helps You with Difficult Feelings

Research suggests that grateful people are more skillful at coping with stress and regulating their emotions. Source: Four Ways Gratitude Helps You with Difficult Feelings

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