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Wellness Wednesday-The Goddess on the Go: My Top 10 Must haves in my Wellness Toolbox

We all have ways, habits and tools that we use to support our efforts for making changes in our lives. Many of those can keep us stuck in patterns that don’t really allow us to transform how we want to. That’s when it’s time to take a look at what is and isn’t working. When you have a clear outlook on everything that is available to you in growing beyond a particular habit or way of being, everything can change. Why create a toolbox for wellness? Creating your own success tools can only encourage and support the long term goals and changes that you really want and need to make for yourself. In this post I’ll share with you, the best resources and tools that have served me best in growing on my Health and Wellness journey.


Manifest it Mondays- The Goddess on the Go: The Top 10 Kitchen herbs that support my Health & Well-being

Creating habits and patterns of Health & Wellness are closer than you think. You can literally participate in transforming your Well-being in your own kitchen. When my journey to wellness started, I thought it would be so hard to make changes because I had built up such an addiction to food. But once I looked at the basics that I consumed daily and learned about their individual benefits, it was easy to create a successful meal and menu plan of action. In this post, I’ll share with you those basics, my herbs of choice that I use in preparing most of not all of my meals daily, for myself and my family.


Transformation Thursday- The Goddess on the Go:Affiliate Partners – NESTA/Spencer Institute

NESTA/Spencer Institute is the Association for Entrepreneurial trainers & coaches. They provide an online platform for Interactive Home-study available worldwide. I started my relationship with NESTA over 18 years ago and I continue to stay engaged for my own creative growth and expansion. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: This website, pages and posts may or may not contain Affiliate Link Ads for companies that I have partnered with. I chose these specific Companies based on the content and products there brands offer and how they compliment the Life I am cultivating for myself and my family. I will get a commission…
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Tasty Tuesdays-How to drink your way to better health | eatCleaner

Learn my tricks and tips for what to drink with food, without food and what to add to it to boost your metabolism and encourage you to drink more of the good stuff in the first episode of Recipes for Your Best Life in 2020.
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Tasty Tuesdays- Grilled Jamaican Jerk Eggplant | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Spicy grilled Jamaican jerk eggplant! Ready in 30 minutes, incredibly flavorful, and the perfect gluten-free plant-based side dish!
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