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Night Time Serum – Deexuan Euphoria

Renew and reveal Healthy Skin while you rest. This Product assists your skin to do what it naturally does, Renew. Formulated with unrefined Botanical Oils  that encourage the skins renewal process. http://deexuan.com/products/night-time-serum Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Kapha Balancing Mask Powder – Deexuan Euphoria

A Natural Clay based Formulation blended with powdered Ayurvedic/Botanical herbs and stimulating plants that produce a mobilizing effect on the skins layers. Suitable for most skin types. Works best on Combination/Oily skins. http://deexuan.com/products/kapha-balancing-mask-powder Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Golden Elixir – Deexuan Euphoria

A Nourishing Golden Elixir that assists skin renewal & repair with the benefits of Custom Blended Herbal Essence http://deexuan.com/products/golden-elixir Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Face Refresher/Mist – Deexuan Euphoria

A Refreshing Blend of Natural Botanicals created to cleanse pores, renew and reveal nourished skin. Suitable for Most Skin types. Great for Mature Skin! http://deexuan.com/products/face-refresher-mist Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

Skin Mask – Deexuan Euphoria

Formulated for Gentle cleansing of the skin with Botanical Clay/Plant powders. Can be used Once weekly to to resolve skin issues or for skin maintenance.  http://deexuan.com/products/skin-mask Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

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