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Home Made Dehydrated Okra – 40 Day Fruit Fast

Home Made Dehydrated Okra http://40dayfruitfast.com/2015/05/home-made-dehydrated-okra/ Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

The Coconut Water Fast

A coconut water fast(depending on the length) will do wonders for your health, clearing up your skin, making you lose unnecessary weight, and helping you to detox and think clearer, while at the same time giving you energy and the best nourishment possible. Actually, all nourishment comes only from the Sun. We only take the …

Twin 9 Rising

You were born together, and you made my world better.

Today’s Adventure- EB 305 Energy Balancer

The EB balancing Machine gently cleanses those unwanted toxins from the body.

Earth Elements/Healing Stones

Moqui Marbles Brazilian Black Kyanite Black Amber- Apache Tears Lisa Jean-Pierre – Wellness Warrior

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