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Wellness Wednesday- Are scented candles & incense bad for air quality?- Home Air Check

Living in nature would be a dream come true for me. Being open to the elements and Breathing in fresh air each and every second would be a delight. But facing the reality of life’s current circumstance ( I don’t live on the tropical island of my dreams yet!ugh, lol). But I use a lot …

Can Air Purifiers Improve your Sleep?- by Home Air Check

Restful sleep in something that we all require to make the most out of our lives each and everyday. If the air in your home is causing you some discomfort during your times if rest, considering an Air Purifier may be an option to consider. When my children were younger, during there youth,we used an air purifier at one time or another. I remember the comfort it gave all if us as we slept in sweet slumber.

Read a recent post for the makers of the Home Air Check System on how Air Purifier s can support your sleep time.


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