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The Goddess on the Go| Wellness series|Pelvic Health & Wellness with Victoria Mallow of Restore Pelvic Health and Rehab

As a mom of three I can honestly say that my children are my greatest creation. They embody so much of the goodness I have wanted to bring into the world. The process of bringing them into being through my body is still held deeply in my thoughts for a variety of reasons. With both …

The Goddess on the Go| Affiliate Partner Spotlight| eatCleaner

    Food safety and security has been greatly  affected by the global pandemic that we are all experiencing now. Finding useful and practical solutions are now in demand as many are restricted due to social distancing. We are restricted to purchasing the minimum in terms of food consumption. So like you,I’m finding solutions to …

Affiliate Partners – Voke Superfood Chewable Tablets

Voke is a new Superfood product to the marketplace. this power-packed chewable tablet includes organic Guarana Berry Seed, organic Acerola Cherry, Red Beet and natural Green Tea Leaf . This combination of natural ingredients supports the bodys’ natural processes. It helps to maintain physical stamina if you’re physical activity is high and it also supports brain health. Visit there site through the image above to learn more.
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Affiliate Partners – Herbal Goodness

Herbal Goodness is known as the #1 Organic super greens, fruits and product manufacturer. They are a USDA organic non Gmo company offering plant based products including Papaya, Graviola, Guava and Bamboo just to name a few. They support living a healthy lifestyle and empower young women in the areas of agriculture and STEM education. Click the image above to learn more. Also visit there initiative page here to learn how you can support there cause.
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