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The Goddess on the Go| Home Air Check| Affiliate Partner Spotlight

With the new normal of social distancing, many people are spending more time in their homes. While this is a reprieve from the non stop hustle being always on the go, it has overextended the productivity of many of our home systems , breeding new environmental challenges to our home ecology. The presence of more allergens, underline toxins from cleaning products and indirect residual effects of outdoor contaminants lay unchecked in many of our living spaces. How can we begin to make our homes more inviting to wholistic living and environmentally conscious? Getting the the root of the matter is easier than you think. This is where Home Air Check comes in.


Transformation Thursday| 5 Perfect Places to Put Your Himalayan Salt Lamp| Himalayan Salt Shop

Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is ready to work its magic in your home – but the question remains: Where exactly in your home should you put your Himalayan Salt Lamp? In general, you’ll want to put your lamp where you spend plenty of time so you can get maximum pleasure from its relaxing and rejuvenating effects. Areas with — Read on himalayansaltshop.com/blogs/news/5-perfect-places-to-put-your-himalayan-salt-lamp

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