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What Black Mothers Should Know About Making Their Homes More Self-Sufficient

What Black Mothers Should Know About Making Their Homes More Self-Sufficient

What Black Mothers Should Know About Making Their Homes More Self-Sufficient

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Tasty Tuesdays- From The Prana Snacks Company: Our Five Tricks for Going Vegan

On this Tasty Tuesday, Im Sharing with you some plant based goodness. This blog post from The Prana Snacks company has some useful tips if you’re considering transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. Check it out and tell me what you think. Our Five Tricks for Going Vegan Source: Our Five Tricks for Going Vegan …

Tasty Tuesdays-Plant Based Goodness: My Favorite No heat Plant based Treats

Ok, Moment of truth. I was addicted to sugar for over 29 years. I learned this most recently as I have shifted to a Cruelty free way of eating. The one thing that was the hardest to release was all the sweet treats I consumed. I loved bread, which i learnt contained large amounts of sugar. I also loved ice cream, another high sugar contender and Strawberry Lemonade couldn’t pass me by. In the recent past, I’ve found several alternatives that did not cause me to emotionally indulge and were for the most part guilt free.


Wellness Wednesday- The Romain Lettuce Industry needs to put the consumer first- eat Cleaner

According to Marler, “It is past time for all stakeholders: growers, processors and retailers of leafy greens to work with the cattle and dairy industries.
— Read on eatcleaner.com/romaine-industry-needs-to-put-consumers-first

Purchase your own biodegradable food wash + wipes that are lab proven to remove over 99% more pesticides, wax and residue than water. Additionally, Eat Cleaner helps extend the shelf life of fresh produce and decreases the consumption of harmful toxins and contaminants.

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Tasty Tuesday- My Favorite Plant Based Meals

Eating Healthy has not been a problem for many people. Emotional Eating, in my humble opinion has been the real culprit. When life challenges me, I go to my Comfort Space- The Kitchen. I have the experience of my journey now to know better. This doesn’t have to be a negligent choice. Although I’m in my feelings or my emotions are running the show, I still have some control. They’re many dishes that are my go to options when this occurs. Outside of my regular eating habits, I lean in on these choices to still be gentle with myself through this so called crisis and nourish myself at the same time.

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