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The Goddess on the Go | Manifest it Mondays| My 30 Day Detox from Holistic Re-engineering with Dr. Bobby Price

I recently completed a 28 day(technically 30 days for me) Detox with products that I purchased from Dr Bobby Price of Holistic Re-engineering. Dr Price is a certified plant-based nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and Doctor of Pharmacy. He is an Advocate for Regaining your Health through proactive habits and plant based eating and wellness support. I …

The Goddess on the Go| Affiliate Partner Spotlight| eatCleaner

    Food safety and security has been greatly  affected by the global pandemic that we are all experiencing now. Finding useful and practical solutions are now in demand as many are restricted due to social distancing. We are restricted to purchasing the minimum in terms of food consumption. So like you,I’m finding solutions to …

Tasty Tuesdays-Plant Based Goodness: My Favorite No heat Plant based Treats

Ok, Moment of truth. I was addicted to sugar for over 29 years. I learned this most recently as I have shifted to a Cruelty free way of eating. The one thing that was the hardest to release was all the sweet treats I consumed. I loved bread, which i learnt contained large amounts of sugar. I also loved ice cream, another high sugar contender and Strawberry Lemonade couldn’t pass me by. In the recent past, I’ve found several alternatives that did not cause me to emotionally indulge and were for the most part guilt free.

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