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My Birthday gift to you|

For the month of November 2020, I will be gifting the 1 of the below products to 18 people. Sometimes doing things for others will come to you when you lease expect it. This is such a time. This year has taught me so much about giving and receiving,. Patience, power and prosperity beyond material gain. Drop me an email to have one delivered to you free of charge. My Gift to you. While supplies last.


Wellness Wednesday-Winter wellness: 5 essentials to survive sniffle season – Detox Your Life

winter wellness: 5 essentials to survive sniffle season – Detox Your Life
— Read on blog.thedetoxmarket.com/5-essentials-to-survive-sniffle-season/

Manifest it Mondays: Mom Essentials- Maintaining Health & Wellness with the changing Seasons

doTerra Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The changing of the Seasons bring with it natural wonder, a restful time for Nature and its inhabitants to rest for renewal. During this time, we as a human community are not immune to the changes and the shifts it can cause us internally and outside of ourselves. I am proactive in ensuring that my Health and Well-being during this time doesn’t get too out of my control that I cant handle it. With Natural aides and supplements, like the Essential oils that I use, I am doing what continues to work for me. I am not a Doctor. I am just sharing with you all my experiences from adding these natural elements to the natural medicine toolkit i sue for my self and family.


Bergamot and Juniper Berry Lotion Bars | dōTERRA Essential Oils

Bergamot and Juniper Berry Lotion Bars — Read on http://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/diy-bergamot-juniper-berry-lotion-bars #doterra #thegoddessonthego #lifestylexpressions #lisamariejeanpierre

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