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Tasty Tuesday- That Protein Recipe

Cacao Kisses with Brazil Nuts, Walnuts and Sunflower Seeds

Chocolate is one of my favorite things to eat. Even before learning as an Adult that it was actually good for me (lol), I ate it in its natural state. Growing up in the Caribbean exposed me to Cacao, the Raw form of Chocolate we all consume in Chocolate candy, powder for smoothies, etc. Cocoa Tea as its known in Jamaica, remains one of my favorite Mood enhancers with no negative side effects.


Golden Milk Truffles | Garden of Life

These look delicious! And there vegan / plant based friendly! A great new treat to discover with my loves…Golden Milk Truffles | Garden of Life — Read on http://www.gardenoflife.com/content/garden-recipes/golden-milk-truffles/ Thegoddessonthego #gardenoflife #lisamariejeanpierre #lifestylexpressions #goodeats #vegantreats

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