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Cali’flour Cookbook, Now available

As a busy mom to 3 growing Young adults, finding options to combine with their favorite indulgence s can be hard. My children go between eating plant based and not. We have been on this journey for many years, so I’ve learned to pick my battles, in many areas. Pizza is still a Big Deal. So my compromise is making our own, with products like the Cali’flour Pizza crust. They have a cookbook that offers tons of ideas on what you can really do with their products to create the dishes you love. Check it out below.


Surprising Risk Factors that Increase Your Chances for Prediabetes – Cali’flour Foods

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. As Cali’flour Foods continues our efforts to support healthy lifestyles we recognize education and awareness are essential! There’s a lot of information floating around about Diabetes I and II. Unfortunately, one critical stage of diabetes is often overlooked — prediabetes. — Read on http://www.califlourfoods.com/blogs/news/surprising-risk-factors-that-increase-your-chances-for-prediabetes

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