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Session 135: Is It A Full Body Yes? – Therapy For Black Girls

Happy New Year to you all! I’m giving thanks for the vision on 2020 manifesting in my life. They’re so many tools that supported my growth in 2019, that I would be wrong to not share the first one I leaned into hard early in 2019. The therapy for Black Girl Podcast continues to share useful insights and tools we can all use in the newness of 2020 and beyond? Check out this episode on the full body yes and what it really means. Let me know what your thoughts.

Session 135: Is It A Full Body Yes? – Therapy For Black Girls
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Manifest it Mondays-Plan with me for productivity: My 2020 Vision

In my previous post I shared a view that may just be unique to myself. This year has brought many shifts and trans-formative energies in the lives of many people. We are all looking at what has gone to better prepare and plan for the year to come. My 2020 Vision will be anchored in …

Mom Essentials- My 7 Success Tips for Busy Moms

Here is a brief video related to this past weeks podcast Episode.

In this weeks Podcast Titled, Mom Essentials- My 7 Success Habits for Busy Moms on the Go, I share with you the tips I am using to intentionally create the changes I require to make 2020 the most fulfilling for me, my family and everyone that I am connected to. I was watching a Video from a phenomenal Youtuber @ErinonDemand. She shared her 7 success habits for Business success. I thought about it and realized that I have already been unconsciously applying most of them in my own way. But I thought about how Busy Moms can use them to really cultivate habits of success in their lives for the new year, the next 10 years and beyond. Check it out and share with me some habits that you are using to prepare your 2020 vision? What habits have you been using to set yourself up for success in your On the Go Mom Life? Let me know below. Continued Success to you in all things!💕

Would you like some support in Reaching your 2020 Vision? Don’t know where to start, Schedule an Appointment with me and make the most our of your potential.

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