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Affiliate Disclaimer: This website, pages and posts may or may not contain Affiliate Link Ads for companies that I have partnered with. I chose these specific Companies based on the content and products there brands offer and how they compliment the Life I am cultivating for myself and my family. I will get a commission for any and all purchases made through the links on this site. This of course is at no additional cost of what you purchase through there sites. I am inspired by these companies, I hope you will be as well! I have added many if not most of their products in some way to my lifestyle. Feel free to share your own experiences with any of these brands if you are familiar with them. If not take this opportunity to learn more. My current Affiliate Partners include:

Sista sense
The detox market
Eat cleaner
Groovy Lab in a Box
Creation Crate
The True Products
Cloud 9 Living
Click A Tree
Beauty Wrap Mineral Body Wraps
Voke Chewable Tabs
Fivver Freelance
Prana Snacks
NESTA/Spencer Institute
Desert Essence
That Protein
Plus CBD Oil
Clever Yoga
Eye See Me Books
Home Air Check
Kitchen Aid Products


Grove Collaborative

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Promotion platform and news blog for Black women business owners, entrepreneurs & job seekers

Thrift Books and food

A place between Healing

Collards Are The Old Kale

A tribute to traditional African-American cuisine - local, organic & plant based.

Herbarium World

Exploring herbaria and their importance

The Well-Intended LLC

Helping Busy Executives Improve Their Quality of Life Through Wellness.

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