Healthcare Professionals-10 hrs Consulting Package



This package is most suitable for healthcare startups or those navigating there business after opening during the pandemic. Charting a course that suits the particular vision you set in this new endeavor can be overwhelming. 

While most healthcare companies are licensed by the state in similar categories, each business is different. You have established your company based on ideals and principles that push you to do the work you do. And while this is a commendable effort, it can be difficult to gain traction in a market saturated by similar companies. So how can I help you to stand out and why are these even important for you to consider?

 1.Establish a brand Identity/Employee engagement/wellness

 2. Remote/ Virtual Assistance/ Document Creation/ Copy editing

 3. Social media presence/community management/ virtual networking

 4. Project Management/Business Development / Product/ resource sourcing & procurement

For a Total cost of $500.00, This monthly plan offers you the above options. There is no long term contracts, as I do offer these services on a consultative basis. It gives you 10 hrs of monthly service to use in any and all of the above ways to manifest the work that you are lead to uphold. Or feel free to customize Your own plan of action for what you need support with  right now. Discounts are available for advanced payments of more than 1 month. 

To help you learn more about me and the work that I am doing to help Healthcare Companies to grow, check out a few goodies that I have included below.

The video below give a little more insight as to some of the challenges that you can or may already be facing as you establish yourself as a healthcare leader:

In this video I share 10 apps that can jumpstart your business with little or no cost.

Many smaller healthcare companies that are not in traditional corporate working space are doing most of there Business from home. All while in the midst of family dynamics. I can certainly relate. Here is a video that sheds light of working from home expectations vs the realities.

To schedule a one on one consultation with me today, Click the image below :



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