Remote Business Manager



Your remote business manager will monitor business operations, plan a budget, and come up with strategies to improve efficiency, quality, and profits. Some of their job responsibilities will vary depending on the industry in which they work. In fields such as healthcare, quality assurance (QA) is paramount, so we will leave nothing out.. In all positions, you coordinate with employees and departments and run meetings virtually. Some jobs require you to visit work or production sites occasionally. (Rate reflected is per hr.)

Key Functions/Responsibilities of remote business managers in this role:

  • Manages multiple functions’ business readiness activities to support the implementation of new products, product expansions or event specific initiatives
  • Works with business leaders to identify critical gaps and risks related to product/service launches or initiatives, and partners with functional leaders to develop mitigation plans to address those risks
  • Prepares materials for and facilitates virtual meetings with functional leaders and cross-functional stakeholders to secure decisions and ensure completion of critical tasks/initiatives
  • Provides additional coordination, facilitation or other management support to key functional leaders
  • Supports liaison efforts across departments as it relates to product launch, including Enterprise Business Operations, Product, Finance, Legal and Compliance
  • Other functions as required to support departmental activities


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