Wellness has taken priority in recent years as we are forced to bring balance into our lives to better show up in the world for ourselves and others. Our services are not limited to just the support that you need in your professional life. We are here to guide you through bringing out the best in you, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We offer

Meditation service:

Quieting the mind in an always moving society is an art in itself. I will support you in your search for inner stillness and tranquility within your thoughts and mind.

Discounts available for Recurring Bookings.



Meal planning:

Custom Meals created with your Nutritional needs in mind. Creating a  meal plan is something I have personally recommended for years.   It is one of the key strategies that I use to save time in the kitchen; stay focused during the week; and stay on course with Healthy food practices.



Menu Planning:

Creating Healthy meal options can be overwhelming, if you have consciously chosen to eat differently than you have done in the past. Knowing what options will support you in sticking to this change is not easy. This is where I come in. By structuring a menu based on those choices that are new to you, showing you creative ways to eat what you love, taking the guilt out of this transition to eating to live no longer living to eat.


Stress Management:


It is my goal to assist you in learning to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself and find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind in all areas of your Lifestyle.


Holistic Space Organizing:

Need support in organizing, decluttering or releasing heaviness from your dwelling/work space(s)? I can assist you with decluttering, space planning and living space detox.



Personal Planning:

Creating day to day habits and processes to overcome blockages that can happen when being a mom has been your most important priority. Start where you are and set up a daily itinerary that gives you the control to live your life with you involved.




If you’re still not sure of what wellness service will best meet your needs, schedule a one on one session with me where we can collaborate to develop something just for you.