My Goals as a Social Media Manager are to:

Engage– The ultimate goal for all social media connections is to engage those individuals, specifically that are online. Those that will truly connect with you. It is only through engagement that you can gain insight into who your potential clients and customers are and what they are looking for in the vastness of digital connections. But it is also through engaging that you have the greatest impact and reach.

Educate– Educating your audience, clients and customers new and old will allow you to gain recognition not just as industry professional but leaders that are still growing in all the many facets of your own brand identity. You will also educate yourselves as to the changing needs of your specific focused demographic and what they are open to learning more about from you.

Inspire– If you are able to inspire those that connect with you online, through your various posts and interactions, then they will be inspired to take action and pursue your business offerings. It’s not always about you and the more that you can gauge this principle to lead with a voice of inspiration, you will create the changes that you want to see through your brand, and the people that you support will do the same.


My Expertise:

Social Media Strategy


Keyword, Hashtag, market research

Content calendar planning

Social media advertising (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Basic Graphic Creation (Adobe/ Canva)

Community engagement


My Experience:

As an entrepreneur embarking into the social media marketing arena, my experience is based on building and developing my own brand strategies over recent years. These include: Created and maintaining several online platforms such as: Instagram, Twitter, My WordPress blog website, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.


Channel Strategies:

Our Way of doing things

Each Social Media Platform that is used to ignite an online social presence has its own strong points that are used to align with the audience that is in tune with your Brand and Message. We will also use those predetermined posting rituals to educate and inspire your clients and audience to stay in tune with all that you are about and what is most important to you.

Instagram– A visual reflection of your Brand

Whatsapp-An offline connection to clients and Associate alike

Pinterest– A community gathering space for “dream building”

Blog Site/Website platform– The epicenter of your online Connections. The Home on your online presence- Website/Blog

Anchor– Audio content of topics, interviews and affiliate Brands you support

LinkedIn– Professional connection platform

Facebook– An extension of your Visual presence with a more in depth reach of potential clients, fans,etc…

YouTube– The Home of your Video Content, where you can share what you know and don’t know with the world.


Social Channel Goals:

Short-Term Goals

  • Daily posting habits/frequency

Post content/relevance

  • Weekly

Monitoring social interactions

Long-Term Goals

  • Monthly

Recurring interactions/Conversion Rates

  • Annually

Sales impact of Social platforms/ platforms with the highest conversion/interaction rates


Social Channels Features/Objectives:

Each Social media platform offers its own unique features that give them advantages over others. These features also gives you access to that channel or platforms audience that uses those features in their own forms of expressions. It can be overwhelming to grasp the algorithm streams of each social media platform. So your goals is to stay engaging, educating and inspiring in all of your social interaction through your platforms.