As a small business professional. my goal is always to offer the best of what my clients need for their specific business. Although I have 20 years experience in the Healthcare industry, I am knowledgeable in areas of small business management, business development and administrative organization and support. Below is a brief list of training programs that I have completed to pass on this knowledge to my clients.

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Running a new or growing small business comes with victories and challenges.  If you are interested in establishing or growing your Healthcare focused business, Let me support you in structuring your organizational framework and create systems for productivity. My 20 plus years of experience include Business Administration and Management; Project Management; Staff Coordinating; Facility Operations; Human Resource Management; Creating and Implementing Policy and Procedures; Marketing; Client Retention and Community Relations Liaison. I can also guide you in minimizing cost expenditures and create a Business Model Canvas that suits your needs.



Reserve your own virtual support that works for your business right now!:

Healthcare Professional Consulting: (40hrs)

This package is most suitable for established healthcare companies or individuals that are looking to outsources various aspects of their business, to focus more effectively on what they do best.

Healthcare Professional Consulting (25hrs)

This package is most suitable for healthcare companies and individuals looking to implement changes to some of their current process but don’t want to take on the added overhead costs.


Healthcare Professional Consulting (10hrs)

This package is most suitable for healthcare startups or those navigating there business after opening during the pandemic. Charting a course that suits the particular vision you set in this new endeavor can be overwhelming. 


Planning for Productivity:

Big Goals need proper planning to bring into your reality. Planning does not lead to perfection, but progress on the journey in achieving your goals. Set achievable benchmarks, structure your habits to meet deadlines and implement strategies for continued success in life and professional advancement.