What do you do when having many things becomes a burden on your emotional and mental well-being? Have you lost control of your home environment and its no longer a comfortable space to dwell in? I recall several times in my life where I was overwhelmed by all the stuff I had. But that was my greatest achievement, right? Coming from a background where my beginnings were built through struggle and not always having but what I needed. Gathering material possessions became a really big deal in my life. Not being able to get what I wanted, made me feel like a failure to myself for not overcoming my humble beginnings. But once I claimed back my own personal power over the things I had, they no longer had power over me. Striving, achieving and accumulating are many words that society has used to determined and show value in how we often see or selves but most importantly how others see us. We can get carried away in the process of getting all that we want and lose control of how we care and maintain these things we feel we so deserve in our lives. How can Organization support your life? Organizing is not just for really structured people, organizations, etc…It’s not for a specific group of people who love planning etc…, but it can benefit us all. I’ll be the first one to tell you that a well organized life can be overwhelming too, its that space of balance in between that truly gives you the control to maintain your life and surroundings as you want it.

What does organizing look like in a minimalist life? When your focus on living is now determined by the quality and not quantity, its easier to eliminate a lot of unnecessary clutter inside and out. As a minimalist, Living my life in a purposeful way, whenever I am overwhelmed within myself, I look to see those areas that are over consuming things that do not serve the greater purpose in life. Starting with the spaces and places that challenge me to take action is a good. Realistically decide if holding on to the stuff is more important than the progress that you want. Also set attainable goals that you can take steps towards in a way that work for your life and how you currently live. Minimalism is not for everyone. But you can have certain areas of your life that may require the modelling of minimalism. Need support in organizing, decluttering or releasing heaviness from your dwelling/work space(s)? I can assist you with decluttering, space planning and living space detox.