Lisa M Jean-Pierre, LLC is a platform created to share Lifestyle Concierge services with all Women of the global community. As a Lifestyle Concierge, Our founder provides support for Women on the Go in the areas of Health & Wellness, Small Business and Skin Therapy. Her 25 plus years of experience in the Business and  Health and Wellness industries has been cultivated from a life journey growing through the challenges of Postpartum Depression, Fibroids, Hirsutism, Anxiety and Healing through Childhood trauma. Dare we say Trial and error, but all of these experiences allowed her to develop her skills and expertise as a Healthcare Professional. She is on a mission to inspire, empower and support women on their path of passion and purpose despite the difficulty’s life experience can bring. She has set the intention to hold space for those women in healthcare that are determined to live fulfilling lives, in whatever way that may be. Those who are not afraid to take the steps necessary to do it. To manifest their purest intentions with passion through purpose, towards their destiny. Women are no doubt, exceptional beings and must encourage each other to become the champions of their own Story.

Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre, the founder of Lisa M Jean-Pierre, LLC and its group of companies, specializes in Lifestyle Concierge Services. Since the Early 1990s, she has been passionate about entrepreneurship and health and wellness. She has supported many of her clients in leading happy healthy, balanced lives. By focusing her company’s’ services on the many layers that set the tone for living life as a woman today, Lisa continues to build her Brand, utilizing the insights and skills she’s obtained to create her own business philosophy. This philosophy is structured around the ideals of patience; humility; compassion; strength, courage and inner wisdom that helps her provide practical options for living a better life for all who cross her path.

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