Lisa M Jean-Pierre, LLC (dba, The goddess on the Go) is a Lifestyle Concierge Consulting brand offering traditional and non-traditional Beauty products, wellness services and small business consulting for those seeking a hands-on approach to self-care and balance in their lives. Those looking to honor their own truth. Primarily catering to the needs of women of color (POCs), we aim to support the ever-growing demand for wellness that keeps the whole you in mind. Women are no doubt, exceptional beings and must encourage each other to become the champions of their own story.



Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre, the founder of Lisa M Jean-Pierre, LLC, specializes in Lifestyle Concierge Services. Since the Early 1990s, she has been passionate about entrepreneurship and health and wellness. She has supported many of her clients in leading happy healthy, balanced lives. By focusing her services on the many layers that set the tone for living life as a Black woman today.

“I never really thought that there was a need for what I did until I lived it myself. Being a Black woman (living my life in a spiritual centered way) in healthcare and all the challenges that I faced this year showed me that there are more women in this world just like me that are having challenges balancing their professional and personal life in the ways that they really want and need to. Lisa M Jean Pierre LLC or the Goddess on the go helps women in the healthcare industry  live the goddess lifestyle bringing their spiritual essence into the work that they do and also grounding them in the benevolence of family, of virtue and of legacy without compromising their intentions of what and why they do what they do. Through one on one coaching, products specific to maintaining Health and Wellness, Our Lifestyle Concierge Services allow clients to learn what their strengths and challenges are. This allows them  to Grow in confidence to be the leaders that their business and/or role needs them to be. These positive results will also support their family dynamics, grounding and stabilizing there home foundations. The end result is a transformation with there mission and vision in mind, with no compromise of the spiritual path that continues to unfold for them daily.”

Lisa continues to build her Brand, utilizing the insights and skills she’s obtained to create her own business philosophy. This is structured around the ideals of patience; humility; compassion; strength, courage and inner wisdom that helps her provide practical options for living a better life for all who cross her path. She is Certified in the areas of Holistic Life Coaching, Lifestyle and Weight Management, Social Media Marketing.



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