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Surviving Suicide 25 years later | The Goddess on the go | Weekend Flow| Self care Sunday

I tried to take my life at age 21. I was away at college. In the thick of my life and falling. I began to fall in what I thought was live. I also fell into the trap of suffering in silence. The only way to cope I thought was to end it. I mean, my relationships were undefined. I didn’t really understand what my life was really about anyway. So why stay? The thought and action have had profound effects on my life to this day. Following my recovery, I was ostracized more from my family than had already been obvious. My mom was more embarrassed and ashamed because she just did her best to brush off the experience and get back to the normalcy of life.

I also buried my suicidal attempt and the heaviness that had pushed me there was still there. It just took on a different identity in my life. It showed up in my relationships with my closest family, breading insecurities of abandonment and quiet animosity. This one act, this thought continues to ripple through my life. It is a reminder that I gave up on my life experiences, at that time! The hurt and pain that life can bring is heavy. I think it’s meant to be showing us how powerful we are, spreading our wings and soaring above the doubts and fears and even unimaginable trauma we experience now and in the future. I ask myself often for forgiveness for trying to take her life away. And I thank myself for seeing the beauty beyond all the pain and loving myself anyway.

No matter what you are facing, you will always have what you need to transform ANY thing in your life. Cry as you need to. Heal what hurt and give yourself permission to put yourself first. Even if people judge you for this choice after the fact, protect Your peace. Acknowledge your truth without validation from others about the so called good or bad choices you made.

The article below, highlights growing concern of black women committing suicide. https://ctmirror.org/2022/03/28/weruche/

Here’s a list of other things that may help you, or someone you love. ❤️

Let your heart heal|The Goddess on the Go|Self Care Sunday

Today is a hard day emotionally. But I give thanks in it still. Understanding my sensitivity to others energies (and even those I have buried-keeping them unresolved),has become a blessing and a curse. In my growth and expansion daily I don’t strive to be perfect because that doesn’t bring any peace to my journey. The more I strive for peace, the more conflict, distraction and trauma reach for me. All I am choosing to do is to be me. I am at peace in this knowing. And in so doing, I return to sender any and all negative energies that are not mine to hold. So I can continue to do me. My evolution never depended on material or financial gain. That was developed IMO by those so far removed from their own identity that it felt as a weakness to just BE. The most high has always kept my heart healing and transforming no matter how many times I have shattered it due to my longing to belong. And that remains my great mission, to heal and transform my heart. It is the greatest gift that I can give to the world. You’re heart may break, but it will heal. This peace I know to be true.

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The Goddess on the Go | Podcast Episode 22| Week 1 of 2022

In this weeks podcast episode, There is old within the new. How much of that do we keep and how much of it do we let go of? We’re just in the first few days of 2022 and the newness of it still looks a lot like 2021. In the spirit of intentions and resolutions that have become trademarks for this time of year, what are you bringing from the year past into the new year? Tune in as I share some insights and observations that I am acknowledging and some that I too and choosing to put behind me.

You Deserve the very Best! Life doesn’t owe it to you, You owe it to yourself! Connect with me Today! 💕

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The Goddess on the Go | Healthcare Leaders are failing there employees|Transformation Thursday

As I took a walk the other day some thoughts came to me about how many business professionals,business leaders in healthcare, managers, supervisors and executives are not really showing up for their employees as they show up for their clients. It’s sad to say that there are still many disparities, especially within the minority/black communities in these types of work environments where the employers disregard the well-being and even the concerns of their employees all for the sake of money.


The Goddess on the Go |Revisit to Redirect and engage with laser focus| Wellness Wednesdays

I know that my life will be my testimony even when I can’t see clearly. I started out my goal and vision as a young girl for making the world a better place even before I known what the world was really about. I had suppressed my own personal pain and trauma to idolize goodness and righteousness as I was taught.

The innocence of a child.


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