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The Goddess on the Go| Home Air Check| Affiliate Partner Spotlight

With the new normal of social distancing, many people are spending more time in their homes. While this is a reprieve from the non stop hustle being always on the go, it has overextended the productivity of many of our home systems , breeding new environmental challenges to our home ecology. The presence of more allergens, underline toxins from cleaning products and indirect residual effects of outdoor contaminants lay unchecked in many of our living spaces. How can we begin to make our homes more inviting to wholistic living and environmentally conscious? Getting the the root of the matter is easier than you think. This is where Home Air Check comes in.


Mexican entreprenur puts invasive species of brown algae, sargassum, to use as a building material

Mexican entreprenur puts invasive species of brown algae, sargassum, to use as a building material

Mexican entreprenur puts invasive species of brown algae, sargassum, to use as a building material
— Read on lifeandsoulmagazine.com/2020/02/14/mexican-entreprenur-puts-invasive-species-of-brown-algae-sargassum-to-use-as-a-building-material/

Manifest it Mondays:Plan with me- How to Plan a successful move as a Minimalist

Prepping my Green Babies for transport

The end of another year is here and I am transitioning to another stage of growth in my own development. I am not ashamed to share that things have been unstable in some areas of my life in the recent past. But as I clear my mind, energy and environment, Things are getting better everyday. I am taking a necessary step backwards to go forward to my fullness. It is still my intention to go mobile with my family. And as we make that adjustment, securing our current possessions is important. I have been transitioning myself and my children to a minimalist lifestyle for several years and this opportunity of change is just the thing needed to show the realization of this manifestation desired.


Wellness Wednesday- Are scented candles & incense bad for air quality?- Home Air Check

Living in nature would be a dream come true for me. Being open to the elements and Breathing in fresh air each and every second would be a delight. But facing the reality of life’s current circumstance ( I don’t live on the tropical island of my dreams yet!ugh, lol). But I use a lot …

Can Air Purifiers Improve your Sleep?- by Home Air Check

Restful sleep in something that we all require to make the most out of our lives each and everyday. If the air in your home is causing you some discomfort during your times if rest, considering an Air Purifier may be an option to consider. When my children were younger, during there youth,we used an air purifier at one time or another. I remember the comfort it gave all if us as we slept in sweet slumber.

Read a recent post for the makers of the Home Air Check System on how Air Purifier s can support your sleep time.


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