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Weekend Flow|Natural Caffeine Boost with Organic Guayusa Leaf Tea| Herbal Goodness

Receiving my Guayusa Leaf Tea

This wonderful smooth tasting organic Tea from my Herbal Goodness Family. Herbal Goodness is a 100% women owned Brand, offering ethically sourced super foods to the world. With there roots in Africa, They bring the Best if what Nature has to offer, conveniently to your door! There Guayusa Leaf Tea has supported me in maintaining my peak performance energy throughout the day. I also noticed that if I did not eat early but drank the tea, I didn’t get Hangry as most people. So check it out and try your own today. You can use my Discount code to save on your order also! Information below. To learn more about this and the many products they offer click the link below!


Discount Code: INFLUIGLisaJeanPierre

Product info page: http://bit.ly/herbalgoodnessproductinfo

You Deserve the very Best! Life doesn’t owe it to you, You owe it to yourself! Connect with me Today to learn more about products like these and the services that I offer.💕

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Transformation Thursday- My Affiliate Partner: The Herbal Goodness Brand

Herbal Goodness is known as the #1 Organic super greens, fruits and product manufacturer. They are a USDA organic non Gmo company offering plant based products including Papaya, Graviola, Guava and Bamboo just to name a few. They support living a healthy lifestyle and empower young women in the areas of agriculture and STEM education. Click the image above to learn more. Also visit there initiative page here to learn how you can support there cause.

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The Use and Benefits of Gaviola for Well-being

There truly is nothing new under the sun. We exist in a space where the knowledge and insights of the past have ebb and flows within the human experience. What do I mean by that? We have access to the same information, environments and resources that those who came before, our ancestors used to create …


In this recent Blog post, my Herbal Goodness family shares with you some ways that you can use the goodness of nature, during this time of years. All the festivities of the season can rheak havoc, for your gut and digestion.

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