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Qua Skin Essentials-Skin Mask

Skin Mask-2 oz.(Click here to order yours) A Mask powder that eliminates built up toxins from the skin. Can be used weekly for maintenance or toubled areas.Created with Tulsi powder, Bentonite Clay, rose Petal powder, Neem powder (use as needed) (Suitable for Troubled,inflamed Skin types)

Qua Skin Essentials-Black Soap Body Wash

Black Soap Body Wash  8oz. Mango Fragrance (Click here to order yours) A Cleansing Formulation to remove buildup on the skin daily to purify, protect and pamper the skin you’re in. Created with African Black Soap (use as needed) (suitable for Normal, Combination skin types)(custom formulations available).

Qua Skin Essentials-Black Soap in a Bag 3oz

Qua Skin Essentials- Black Soap in a Bag- 3 oz. (Click here to order yours) African Black Soap Bar in a Eco-Friendly Sisal Soap Bag

Qua Skin Essentials-Skin Wellness Tea (Loose Leaf) 2 oz.

Qua Skin Essentials-Skin Wellness Tea (Loose Leaf) 2 oz. (Click here to order yours) An Herbal Blend of Natural Botanicals to encourage skin renewal from the inside out. Created with Rosebuds, Lavender Buds, Calendula Buds, Chamomile Buds, Jasmine Buds, Bee Pollen, Strawberry Leaf (Drink as needed) (Suitable for most skin types) 2 ounces of loose Tea …

Qua Skin Essentials- Face Refresher Mist

Face  Refresher Mist 8oz. (Click here to order yours) A daily Face Mist/Tonic created to replenish the skin throughout the day. Can be used alone or in combination with Night Time Serum for Optimum Benefits (use as needed) (suitable for most skin types)(custom formulations available).

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