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Spiritual work is not for the faint of heart |The Goddess on the Go | Luna Rhaye Tarot

The transformation is real. And many of us are at different phases and stages on our individual journeys. Take the blessings and the lessons in it all. Don’t be afraid to change, you’ll be surprised of what you can manifest in you’re own reality! Check out this video for a few tips to support you on your spiritual and life journey.


Transformation in the midst of chaos| The Goddess on the Go| Weekend Flow

The last 8 months have been a blur. For real. It’s feels like I have been looping in experiences that aren’t my own. But I am grateful because it brought me here. It seems I fall apart and put myself together with ease as an innate part of my transformation. That is a gift I was given. Life remains uncertain for most of us, even if we are diligent planners. So allow yourself grace in the midst of it all , but NEVER GIVE UP! (more…)

How to Increase Your Self Control (For Binge Eating, Productivity, Weight Loss, Working Out, etc.)

I go over two strategies, based on studies, for increasing your self control & discipline–and they’re actually pretty easy to do. These strategies …

How to Increase Your Self Control (For Binge Eating, Productivity, Weight Loss, Working Out, etc.)

The Goddess on the Go| Business Ethics in Healthcare| Tools you can use| Business Series

  There are so many paths to follow when setting up a new business. The outlook and revenue potential are limited only by your own reluctance to grow. But within the same ideals of growing a business, are ideals of integrity that support that growth in a positive or negative way.

Plantar Fasciitis | Taste For Life

Working in Healthcare since the age of 15 has affected my physical body in more way than one. My feet now require more TLC due to Plantar Fasciitis, Osteoarthritis and Freiburgs Infractions. This article from Taste for life explains more about Plantar Fasciitis and some options to reduce discomfort if you are dealing with it…

If you have lost the pep in your step we have some tips to get your stride back!
— Read on tasteforlife.com/blogs/cures-a-to-z/plantar-fasciitis

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