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Beauty Services Available in my Local Area

For those of you local to Orlando. Check out my StyleSeat Profile. Starting in January 2022, I will be offering mobile Beauty services. If you’re looking for an experienced Skin care Professional, that Loves everything related to skin, then get in touch with me today. I’m passionate about supporting those with skin concerns as well as those who want products to maintain there healthy skin. If you don’t know where to start on practicing great skin care, a consultation will allow you to get to the specific goals that you have for ultimate skin care.

Find me on StyleSeat StyleSeat.com/thegoddessonthego

The Goddess on the Go| Affiliate Partner Spotlight| it Cosmetics

As a Black woman, makeup has never been my friend. There was awkwardness in feeling beautiful with the façade that makeup showed to me. Throughout my life, I only used makeup to hide my imperfections. And it left me feeling more insecure than I already was. So I took a break from outer adornment and …

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