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November 2020 Affirmations Challenge

Hey It’s My Birthday, Woot Woot! Well almost. I will be celebrating another Beautiful beginning this month. I am truly grateful to be experiencing it. I am sharing one of the tools that has seen me through, For real. With each and everyday, as Life experiences came I used these affirmations to remind myself daily …

Beta Testers Needed

It’s the start of a new month. Although the year is coming to a close, I’m in a season of new beginnings. To Celebrate my Birthday(solar return) this month, I am sharing a mini-course to a program that I have been developing. This Beta program for Lifestyle and Weight Management will be offered complimentary (free …

Forgiving yourself is forgiveness of others-The Goddess on the Go Weekend Flow

It’s been a minute it two since I wanted to share my thoughts in this space. The heaviness of the new normal has created patterns of tunnel vision as a source of protecting my energy. But to share the Best and worst of my journey has been my goal before I wrote my first blog post. The year has eaten up a lot of experiences in overcoming, transforming and reclaiming for me. But some things were harder to resolve for me. To say that forgiveness has been hard is not easy. Because I share to other that it is a Blessing for them that they give to themselves to be free of hurt , negative energy and even animosity. But I wasn’t allowing myself to have the forgiveness I sought.

To embrace the fullness of my solar return approaching, I am challenging myself with forgiveness for myself first to give it more freely. I have anchored here before but the pains seemed so deep I was defeated in the lesson. We can each say I forgive you, on the surface. But the depths hood heaviness we don’t clear, me personally as often as I should. Now I return to it with the perspective that truly forgiving myself is paramount if my goal is to give it to another. Yes I was wrong and I have wronged but my life had been transformed by it in more than one way. I didn’t clearly see that the hold unforgiveness had on me would still resonate in all of my current experiences and relationships that I didn’t see clearly or want to see at all. This was really for me to overcome the idea that if I gave my forgiveness to a person, a situation, experience or lesson, I would still be giving my power away. In this moment I affirm and accept that my forgiveness is for me to reclaim my power and no longer will I bind myself to the delusion of what it used to be, And although I share to encourage it is a reminder to me always to be truthful in my pain, see it ,learn from it and release it. How is forgiveness transforming your life experiences? If this is an area that is a breeze, please share your insights with me and others to continue to grow with the flow of our life lessons.


Madagascar set to reclaim its biodiverse glory with the planting of 60 million trees to restore lost forests – Life & Soul Magazine

Madagascar has started the planting of 60 million trees in efforts to restore the island’s “lost forests”. Last month, Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina pledged to plant 60 million new trees in the coming months, and restore the island to the green haven it once was. The tree planting intiative also comes as the country celebrates 60…
— Read on lifeandsoulmagazine.com/2020/02/01/madagascar-set-to-reclaim-its-biodiverse-glory-with-the-planting-of-60-million-trees-to-restore-lost-forests/

Tools you can Use- The Goddess on the Go:10 Mobile Apps that Every Mom Needs to Be Productive in 2020

Connecting and having access to productivity applications is no longer limited to the type of phone or computer that you use. There are options available for those high energy moms that have overwhelming schedules and agendas to maintain . And there are also minimalist options for moms who just need the basics to keep things …

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