The Goddess on the Go is a platform created to share Lifestyle Concierge services with the global community. As a Lifestyle Concierge, The founder of The Goddess on the Go, provides support for Moms on the Go in the areas of Lifestyle & Weight Management, Holistic Life coaching, Planning, Stress Release, Yoga and Skin Therapy. Our Founders 20 plus years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry has been cultivated from a life journey growing through the challenges of Postpartum Depression, Fibroids, Hirsutism, Anxiety and Healing through Childhood trauma. Dare we say Trial and error. We are on a mission to inspire, empower and support women on their path of passion and purpose despite the difficulty’s life experience can bring. We have set the Intention to hold space for those determined to live fulfilling lives, in whatever way that may be. Those who are not afraid to take the steps necessary to do it. To manifest their purest intentions with passion through purpose, towards their destiny. Most women have a highly developed ability to choose their emotional responses to external factors. In other words, they choose the extent to which people or situations can knock them off balance. Discovering what she is able to do best and channeling that energy into the areas of life where it’s most beneficial, that is easier said than done We are no doubt in my opinion, exceptional beings and must encourage each other to become the champions of our Story.

Our Lifestyle Services focus on the areas of Lifestyle & Weight Management, Home Organizing, Personal Planning, Planning for Productivity, Yoga for Stress Release, Meal & Menu Planning and Stress Release Sessions. You can also purchase our handcrafted products. There is something for almost everyone.

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