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I just went to sleep, it was January 2022. And I just woke up and it December 2022. It was all a dream. A horrible dream we all lived out loud. Our conflicts, challenges and vulnerabilities as humans on display for all to see. No matter where life led you this year, be intentional in leading yourself to a path of your own choosing, come what may! I choose a path that leads me to the fullness my life and purpose are in alignment with. I choose a path that leads me emotional intimacy with myself and others unconditionally. I choose a path that reminds me of the gift that I am in this life and the life that I am is this gift. I choose a path that leads me to playfulness, patience, power and passion. I choose whatever path that pulls me knowing that I am it’s master and it’s not the master of me.

My 2023 bujo setup

After the fallout from plans not fulfilled and COVID chaos in every area of life, I wasn’t motivated to write anything down. But spirit reminded me that I am here for more than myself and the things that were important when I first thought, spoke or wrote them down, are still important to me. I created a Bullet journal style planner from ALL recycled, upcycled planners, journals, etc. the only thing I spent money on was glue supplies and tape. So I’m total I created 3 journals, 3 planners and even made a grimoire for my spiritual work that will help me keep my sh$! together in ways that work for me.

My life in a book or books

“I will no longer pour from my cup, when all that remains in it is to replenish me to better pour into others. ~ Sehkmet Seshaat Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre

I’ve been hearing a quiet voice say “you have all the tools you need” and I do, just like you. So remember who you are, why you are here and what you’re really here to do! 😘🙏🏾💃🏾🎉🥳💫

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