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Yet another aftermath following a hurricane here in Florida. Why does it feel like we( not just the state) are looping this lesson? I mean, storms come and go. But back to back like this. It’s me pondering as always. What is this storm teaching me about my life? What about the world is the storm teaching me? All I can say is, expect the unexpected. I also realized that they are many who are wading in silence suffering in the misery of their own personal storms(I’ve been there MANY times) due to the frequency storms or challenges they are facing.


Storm surges showed out (not up) for me with changes to my professional path. Storms aren’t fun. They make things uncomfortable. They cause a reaction, good or bad. But it always seems the aftermath, once the clouds clear, removes all memory of the storm, and how are we adapting afterwards.  Even when professional and career plans are laid out, all precautions are validated. But life is life. What I wanted for my career path seems so far from the woman I am now and I continue to be dissatisfied with how society places so much value on job status and all the bullshit accolades attached to them. That makes me the odd one out. I have the accolades for my area of knowledge but it feels inauthentic to who I am. It seems everyone is chasing the bag, leveling up, bossing up, whatever you want to call it. How much of their plans actually happened the way they envisioned it would? how many of them failed eventually giving up? How many of them failed and started over? How many of them shared the struggles there storms brought into there lives?

It has never been about planning for me. It has never been about status. Besides all of those things are outside aspects beyond my control. What I can control is how I deal with the changes I choose to make, also how I choose to deal with those made for me (involuntarily) and releasing all expectations of what the new outcome will or won’t be. Sounds like a lot to say, I let go and let the universe, god, the creator support me by showing me where those storms rage, where they are trickling drops of manifestations coming through.


Emotionally, I decided to stop putting the needs of others above my own. For real this time. I’m a giver, but at a detriment to my well-being at times. People know my heart. They know the willingness to give already within me. So now that NO is a complete sentence in my life, it has and is making things uncomfortable for me and those in my life. Oh well. I am catching my breathe embracing the fullness of my spirit on the rise. It has been stifling to not speak my mind, my thoughts and even my emotions. Like the storms of the past. Emotions would rise, erupt and then, nothing. Because I didn’t want the expectation , the feeling or what came with it, to make me uncomfortable or draw attention from those who already judged me as emotionally overwhelming. But I know that my emotions are a great gift to my life. For someone else they may not know how to handle the high intensity of the passion my emotions embody.

Everything keeps shifting, unraveling, escalating, intensifying. But I remain unexpectedly free from any expectations that will come. Storms of life can consume all of your life, or they can pass over without incident. Keep growing with the flow, beyond and even the beneath the storms that life can bring. You might wash up on a new undiscovered land or even rediscover the long lost parts of you. Keep joy and happiness in the midst of it all. Do what feels good to your soul. If any of you are claiming to be normal now (in the midst of your storm), you’re lying. Just allow your mask to fall and embrace the uncertainty of unexpected expectations.

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