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There are so many paths to follow when setting up a new business. The outlook and revenue potential are limited only by your own reluctance to grow. But within the same ideals of growing a business, are ideals of integrity that support that growth in a positive or negative way.

Starting out in Business, not many people focus on what they will and will not do to grow that business model. They often think about the bottom line, the money. Some businesses will focus more on the moral objective of their business because this is greatly influenced by the Business ethics they have adapted. Business ethics can be viewed as the values that a business has and how those values are viewed by those within the company and others. Values are beliefs that affect how someone feels about choices or even a perspective or viewpoint. Value can also be seen as how much something is worth. Values in a Healthcare based Business can be used to guide a company’s growth- its financial outlook; for gaining customers; or even establishing their business long term. If these specific business models’ values do not compliment what they say they want to build within their company, then they can make compromises that can be seen as contradictory to those values.

For me, Business Ethics are important, in keeping my word to myself in my Business. As a consultant, it is always my intention to lead by example. I must honor my values in the work that I do for others. I also learned that compromise could come in many ways. It is up to me to know what that looks like in my business. That’s when I must stand in my convictions to only compromise where it does not affect my integrity and how I feel about myself and the work I do. It must bring a positive light to the work I do.

Using Business Ethics as a part of my healthcare consulting business’ core values, keeps me centered and balanced. This will enhance the work that I do, that will gain more than financial growth. I will establish a reputation that is sustainable and consistent no matter all the challenges that I could potentially face in Business now or in the future. Have you considered ethics as a part of your business model? What does Business Ethics mean to you? How can more Healthcare professionals and leaders use Business Ethics to grow their own firms? I’d love to hear your input. Share your thoughts and comments below. Also share this post with those that you know working in healthcare right now. 




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