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Where has all the time gone? It’s already February 2022. The shift continues in every industry. It seems everyday something new gets highlighted or sidelined in the Healthcare industry. I’m doing my best to stay aware of it all. Preserving my peace has led me to focus on some areas that I personally struggled with from time to time. If you’re a business owner in any industry, then some of these may even apply to you.

The administrative stuff

Business can be hard, time consuming and sometimes overwhelming. When you are the Jane or jack of all trades related to your work, there never seems to be enough time to complete the minor or major things. It can and will happen. The essentials for keeping your business navigating smoothly can be overlooked due to no fault of your own. Even with competent reliable support, some things may be left undone. When this happens, there several things that you can do to get through the chaos of it all. Here are some tips for you.

1. Keep a brain dump journal handy to put important reminders and things that can come up daily. Check it everyday. You’ll be surprised what gems you’ll find here when you’re not looking.

2. Set reminders in your phone and computer for those tasks that you don’t Ike to do. Like Data entry, filing and even ordering office supplies and inventory.

3. Outsource the things that don’t need your immediate attention.Like accounting, payroll (if you have a large amount of staff) and even data entry can be done by a VA(virtual assistant)

The financial stuff

Having the support of an accounting professional can take the stress out of tax time and other annual, monthly or quarterly business financial obligations. If an accountant is not something you can afford, then take time to gather your documents each month so when tax time comes, you are better prepared to handle filing them with ease. Your bank may also be able to provide you with financial documents for this part. There’s even cost effective software options that you can use to take the guess work out of your money matters


The legal stuff

If you are a Healthcare professional, then there could be a license attached to your credentials. It’s important to maintain this and any other educational requirements that you need to do for your industry. Even if you don’t practice under a certain title, having your professional paperwork in order, allows you access to other industry leaders.


The personal stuff

Self care is the best care in all aspects of life. This is easier said than done when it comes to healthcare workers and professionals. But prioritizing your own health and well-being will give you the drive, motivation and endurance to do your best for others.

So don’t short change yourself by not maintaining healthy habits that go beyond retail therapy and other things that give us instant gratification. Rest when you’re tired. Release when you’re angry( in a healthy way). Disconnect with the various distractions that many of us use to soothe whatever is aching in us. Remember that why you do what you do daily has more worth and value to you than any paycheck can offer you. You are walking in your purpose that was given to you.

Healthcare continues to change. It’s important that we are open to changing too. There’s always more than one way to reach your goal, so be open to the newness of the unknown and chart a course that will work best for you.

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