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Healthcare Professions, a glimpse into what they are:

Growing up, I wanted to make a difference in the world. I admired the many women in my life that chose healthcare as the way to impact others, so I thought why not me. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t my first choice. I wanted to be a lawyer. In Highschool, i wrote out a vision that I was going to be a successful lawyer, happily married with children, advocating for justice. But Life and my own inclination saw better for me to scratch that from my imagination. (No shade to any lawyers out there.) Over the years, I have had the good fortune to work as a Home Health Aide, Live in Caregiver, Medical Records technician, Healthcare Marketer, Director of Marketing, Administrator, Assisted Living Facility owner, Administrator Manager, Office Manager and Healthcare Consultant. All of these roles and responsibilities exposed me to a broad range of situations and circumstances that allowed me to advocate for myself and others. In each of these positions, I faced victories and challenges that gave me a greater appreciation for all the women who look like me, that do this work. It is for them that I continue to hold space and share my experiences to support them on their journeys in the ever changing workspace. I have seen employers that don’t value their staff and do a great disservice to their businesses in the process. But there also healthcare workers that are not honoring their roles and responsibilities either. Showing up late, harming those they are charged in caring for and evening stealing from their employers. The list below gives a glimpse into the areas that are in need of improvement from my overall 25 years of experience as well as what has emerged during this global pandemic through the experiences of others.


It seems that no matter what you do in healthcare, your money must meet your job description. I’ve worked for $8 per hour to $130 per day in healthcare . So I know that there is money to be made. Many employers, specifically in healthcare have not been honorable to their workforce and focused more on their bottom line instead of balancing their employees’ contribution to their firm’s progress. Can you imagine working as a caregiver and making $8.00/hour today in 2021? Well there are people, women, making just that now. HHAs,CNAs, LPNs working in a range of organizations and facilities are making $8-$12.00 per hour. In other areas, hourly wages can range from $45-$200 per hour. This is based on education, training and experience. Many workers that are not “qualified” to earn more in their current positions often let this be a reflection in the quality of the work that they do.

Employee Benefits

Many agencies hire healthcare workers as independent contractors. This is done so they don’t have to pay for healthcare benefits for their staff. Some firms only offer this to their administrative staff at a pay in cost to the staff. Meaning they still have to pay a portion of this expense from their salary.

Employee Training

Now training is such a big part of healthcare. It sets the tone for how proficient and effective the workers of this industry perform their duties. When I was 15 years old, I watched my mother embark on her own journey of educating herself to be the best that she could be at the time. She took it as a duty to learn what she needed to,so she could bring the best of who she was to her job. She later on, established her own healthcare businesses, first a home health agency, homemaker companion services, then establishing and running a Nurse Registry for other professionals and even setting up and running Assisted Living Facilities. Throughout all of her businesses, she encouraged and let education be commonplace. As I learned through watching her and in my own experience, education was always a reflection on the company. If the employees didn’t have a good working knowledge of their job description, then they were only focused on the money. And boy are there a lot of women working in healthcare who are driven by the dollar and not how they care for the people they are responsible for. there are many schools and programs available that offer in depth guidance in a wide range of healthcare professions. There are even employers that will pay for you to acquire more knowledge to do your chosen areas of specialty because they believe in what you bring to there organization. There are also agencies and firms that offer training for a fee. But this is in name only. The employees or should I say, Independent contractors only pay for a certificate so that they can work for that company. Many of them do not have a working knowledge of how they are to do their jobs, and they are still employed. Unfortunately because of this, Owners, managers of these businesses pay them a wage that is in line with the experience of which they have none.


There comes a lot of risks with running an agency, group home, facility or even working independently as a contractor in healthcare. Most professionals in healthcare are required to carry personal and professional liability insurance. This can be very costly. Oftentimes, many people will let there liability insurance laps and lose the ability to work because of the high cost to maintain it.


What remains most important in Healthcare:

Working in healthcare is not for everyone. But those that choose to do this work have an innate ability to care for others. To genuinely be a bridge of healing for those who are facing healthcare crisis. To those Home health aides,  certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, Nurse practitioners, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Live in caregivers,orderlies, cleaning staff, companions, sitters, the list goes on, I SEE YOU! Keep doing the best that you can. Advocate for all you deserve as you show up each day in a manner that always shows the good you do. You owe it to yourself, your family and those who employe you and value all that you have to offer. Far be it for me to say that this is the case running rampant. There are alot of employers and employess in healthcare doing a great job. Keep up the great work! But in the cases where the instances i mentioned above are predominantly showing up, it needs to change. We are all stewards of our chosen areas of experience and expertise, so we have a responsibility to always show it in the brighest light and shine within that light ourselves. SHare your thoughts and comments below. Share this with a healtcare worker that you may know.


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