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You can’t turn on the news or be online without seeing something about the current pandemic affecting the world. It seems more and more each day, that businesses are paying more attention to not only the bottom line effect and more on the physical impact the virus is having of their workforce. Individual companies, small and large, are considering implementing mandatory vaccination protocols for its’ employees. And while this is a decision that can be seen as good for business, it does not consider how receptive the employees may be to taking such a course of action. The research on the effectiveness of the various vaccine available, changes day by day and even week by week. Leaving many employers and employees in a wait and see pattern. It’s important that Business leaders take the initiative to create a dialogue with their employees that supports a consensus that will meet the needs of both. But we really must wait and see. The video below shows how important our healthcare workers are and the need for their mental health and well being during these strenuous conditions and beyond.


The Bottom Line:

The decision to be vaccinated or not remains and should be a personal choice. Not only based on personal choice, but the health related affects of doing it or not. The ability to make this choice independent of the viewpoints of instructions of other is in jeopardy. Those working on the frontline know this first hand and they are waking up to the power that they know they hold in making the right decision for themselves. To those of you, in contemplation, always choose yourself first. Everything else will adjust. If it will affect the job you have, then maybe its time to evaluate all employment options available to you. If it will affect your relationships then again, evaluate. Sometimes living in a modernized society can make you feel like you don’t have the control you want in your own life. Don’t let this be that moment for you. Let me know your thoughts and comments below. We can always agree to disagree if you do not feel the way I do on this topic. And I’ll still be happy with the choices that are best for me.

The video below shares some of the hesitancy among healthcare workers towards vaccination:

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