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Lately I have been led to share more of the transformative part of my journey, dealing with more lifestyle transformation than business transformation. Even though one does affect the other, vice versa. We’re all in a place right now in our lives where we are reevaluating a lot of the things externally that we participate in. During this time, I am always guided back to what is going on within myself. My inner knowing, all that I refuse to see or accept and even the good things that I seldom acknowledge.

Self reflection and self-evaluation are a constant daily practice. I don’t use this practice to judge or criticize myself. I use it to see how I am growing and transforming out of all patterns of behaviors and even habits that have crippled me in the past. At this moment, I am reflecting on how the relationship that I have with my mother figure, my mother, my she-hero has created a wound within me that in someways has debilitated my progress.

Meditation/Manifestation Journal Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre

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Our mother can truly be seen as our first love because she is the first person to teach as unconditional love,compassion, kindness, selflessness and even self-worth. So when those things are not nurtured equally, there is a deficit when you want to show up for yourself. At least personally speaking, for me, the relationship that I have shared with my mother has taught me a lot of lessons about self-reliance, trusting myself and even knowing my worth. And in the same breathe it has cultivated insecurity, doubt and shame. Click the video below to listen in on a few more thoughts i have on this very important topic.


Is any of what I’ve shared with you “reaching” you? Has your relationship with your Mother been challenging? Please share with me in the comments how you are growing in the knowing that it is ok to not be ok and still show up in your life. Share this post with others and let’s build a dialogue that supports thy dynamic transformation for all those hurting and still choosing to heal the Mother wound.


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