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Nakedness is defined is being uncovered visible for all to see. But how often do we allow ourselves the vulnerability of nakedness when fully clothed. The vulnerability of not hiding any physical or emotional flaws is a heavy weight that many of us can bare in our lives, in our jobs and everything that we do. Choose to be vulnerable, not naked and afraid. But Naked and courageous in who you are and all that makes you, YOU!

Body image is not always controlled by us. It can be heavily influenced by how we want us to see us and how others want us to be seen. thatโ€™s disappointing. To know that so much our personal life experience is influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. And even with that heaviness, we can still show up . Authentically NAKED, vulnerable and fulfilled as we choose to see ourselves.

Be vulnerable, be naked! And do what you need to anyway!

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